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Lesley Hill: Wailea Agricultural Group

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Mother Daughter Series: Shin and Le Xieng Ho, Part Two

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Lita Weidenbach, Navigating a Future for Sustainable Fish

When Estrellita was just a girl with a name full of starlight, she would explore the wilderness surrounding their family’s anthurium farm in Mountain View on Hawaii Island . . . [read more and watch the video] [ read more ]

Farming Women of Ka’u

This premiere issue of She grows food focuses on The Farming Women of Ka'u. We’ll take you to this farming community on Hawai’i island that's not only rising from the ashes of the post-sugar era recession . . . [ read more ]

Michelle Galimba of Kuahiwi Ranch

With a cattle ranch to run, raising a 8 year old daughter own her own, and a Ph.D in Comparative Lit, there’s a lot of things on Michelle Galimba’s mind. [ read more ]

Lorie Obra of Rusty’s Hawaiian Coffee

Did you know that freshly picked, unroasted coffee berries have a soft white flesh? [ read more ]

Sokha Hester: The Circle of Growing

There's always that moment. That bright second when the world aligns itself into an open path. For Sokha Hester, the path has been both treacherous and remarkable. [ read more ]