Farm Survey

The intent of She Grows Food’s Hawai’i Food Map is to connect people and chefs directly with the farms that grow food, farmers markets committed to 100% local produce, CSA’s and other businesses dedicated to building our local food system.

Would your farm like to be part of She Grows Food’s Hawai’i Food Map?

Here’s how it works:

  • Please provide the following information in this questionnaire.
  • We create a listing for your farm with the info you provide.
  • There’s no fees involved, but please keep us updated on new additions or changes to your listing.
  • If you are interested in growing special crops or orders for restaurants or other businesses please let us know.
  • If you are interested in participating in a No Waste Huli Hui project that helps farmers move surplus and off-grade produce to restaurants and food manufacturers, let us know.

    Name of Farm: (required)

    Owners First Name: (required)

    Owners Last Name: (required)

    Your Email: (required)

    Is this a family owned and operated business?

    In what year was this farm started?

    What do you grow?

    What would you like people to know about you and your farm? Please include any certifications or growing methods you want to inform people of.

    Please include a photo image if you can to go along with your info on our website. Could be a pic of you and/or your family, what you grow, your farm (JPG or PNG).

    Where can people find your produce? Please list all farmers markets, CSAs, retail shops or restaurants that you supply.

    Do you offer a CSA style package where customers pay a weekly fee for delivery of your produce?

    Can a business or group place a special order with you? If so, what are your requirements?

    Address to be listed on the website

    Address 1

    Address 2



    Zip Code:

    Contact telephone number for inquiries and orders:

    Contact email for inquiries and orders:


    Are you looking for new customers?

    What kind of business are you looking to increase. Restaurants? Farmers Markets, food manufacturers, CSAs, mail order customers (local, mainland, international)?

    Are you interested in being put in contact with a chef or restaurant looking for a farm to grow a custom crop for a potential standing order?

    Surplus and off-grades

    Are you interested in being part of a project whose focus is to help farmers move surplus and off-grade produce quickly through a network of restaurants and food manufacturers?

    Please describe your surplus and off-grade situation - what are the crops you most frequently have in surplus and off-grade (please include average weight, time of year)?

    How do you usually deal with your surplus and off-grades?

    What kind of situation would work best for you?

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