Hawaii Food Map: FARMS


Adaptations uses greenhouses, raised beds and orchards to grow over 50 culinary and medicinal crops for restaurants, families and herbalists. They employ full-time and part-time assistants on their arm and0 [ read more ]

Ailani Gardens

Jason Leue have been farming since 2006 on a farm plot in Waianae. He is a certified permaculture-based farming practitioner and holds workshops on permaculture growing techniques on his farm.0 [ read more ]

Aloun Farms

Aloun is one of O‘ahu's largest farming operations, here's a bit about them as posted on their website: "Aloun Sou and his family of six immigrated to Hawaii from Laos0 [ read more ]

Anuhea Farm

Anuhea Flowers cultivates our beautiful tropical Hawaiian protea flowers at 2,000 feet on the slopes of Haleakala in upcountry Maui. These exotic Hawaiian flowers are both hearty and long-lasting, lending0 [ read more ]

Cloud Forest Coffee

This delicious coffee is hand-picked from coffea arabica trees grown high on the lush slopes of Hawaii’s Mauna Kea volcano. The family-owned farm is 100% certified organic and is actively0 [ read more ]

Dragonfruit Farms

Maui Dragon Fruit Farm, LLC is a diversified USDA certified organic farm located in West Maui about a five minute drive from Lahaina. Its address is 833 Punakea Loop, Lahaina,0 [ read more ]

Evonuk Farms

This family farm grows 25 different herbs on their 30 acre farm in Kula, Maui. Here's all about them, as posted on their great website: "Former high school teachers at0 [ read more ]

Frankie’s Nursery

Who knew that a nursery in Waimanalo would end up becoming the rare tropical fruit and spice grower for chefs on Oahu? Here's a description of Frankie's as posted on0 [ read more ]

Goo Farms

Ashley and Evann Goo own and operate Goo Farm, a thirty year old farm built by Ashley's parents.  Their farm is located in the Lalamilo area of Waimea.  They grow0 [ read more ]

Growing Creations

Growing Creations grows everything from potted herbs to coconut trees. They are a nursery that grows a huge variety of herb, veggie and fruit starters. [ read more ]