What’s a local food system? It’s about how we are organized as a community to be able to provide food and water for ourselves within the confines of our own region. It is system that insures that we as a community have a sustained means of self sufficiency as we face the challenges of limited global resources in the 21st century. It is about security. It is about independence.

The more we explore the more we find that our local food system here in Hawaii is like an eco system – with so many moving parts, so many people doing their part, so many factors and challenges.

What Does Truth Taste Like

These might sound like terribly pompous questions to ask. But they are worth asking as we learn, un-learn, re-learn the question: “What is food?” [ read more ]

Intelligence, Culture, Food

I hope that in the future more people will be interested in actually being involved in, rather than just knowing about, the intelligence that makes food. [ read more ]

Toward a New Agriculture

A very long time ago in what is now south-central China, a little remembered civilization arose – the civilization of Chu – whose influence we can still feel today, as far removed as we are in time and space from that land and people. The echoes of Chu have been the spiritual underground – the [ read more ]

Wahiawa Farmers’ Market + EBT

When the whistle blows at exactly 4:30 p.m. tonight this little market will begin accepting EBT (electronic benefit transfer for SNAP fka food stamps). [ read more ]

Ka’u: Rural, Resilient, Relevant

"It is really an exciting time to be in agriculture. Although it’s still a difficult, risky way to make a living, at least there is more social support; there is a story being told that is supportive of agriculture and rural communities . . . " [ read more ]

GreenWheel Food Hub: Systems of Equity and Distribution

Fresh, locally grown food for Everyone! [ read more ]

Naked Cow Dairy and Real Community Supported Agriculture

This year is turning out to be the Year of Cheese in Hawaii. [ read more ]

Food Traditions and Food Security

In 1948 seven men of Okinawan ancestry from Hawaii sailed to the U.S. mainland on their first leg of an incredible journey. [ read more ]

Hog Wild For Hawaii-Grown Part One

Why is it so hard to find fresh island-raised pork? [ read more ]

Bringing “The Greenhorns” to Hawaii

a screening of “The Greenhorns” on Friday, July 1st at 7:00 p.m. at the UH Art Auditorium [ read more ]