Mahalo for helping the Weidenbachs!

They Got Their Lease!

It was do-or-die for Lita Weidenbach’s family farm when their lease application went before the State Board of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR) on Thursday, July 8. The Weidenbachs pulled out all the stops. Twenty years of developing this pristine farm was at stake.

They had asked She grows food for testimony support and we put out a call for others to do the same.

“We read the letters and we were touched by the outpouring of community support for you and your farm”, said the BLNR spokesperson, “You are exemplary members to your community”. The board members voted unanimously to approve their lease application.

A BLNR land agent said that testimonies just kept coming in. We want to thank those of you who answered the call on the Weidenbach’s behalf. Your action not only helped this one farm, it also demonstrates that each of us can be part of the solution. And if we can do it for one farm, we can do it for others.

Read about Lita’s story here.

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