Kuahiwi Rocks KCC Farmers Market

The Kuahiwi Market Slam with Chef Alan Wong and his dedicated crew brought in a record crowd to KCC Farmers Market on May 29th. Michelle and her father Al sold over 500 pounds of “frozen beef” and 300 hamburgers and loco mocos in just a few hours.

The line began to form before the market started. Word had got out thanks to a wonderful article by Erika Engle in the Start-Bulletin and an awesome post to his Baker’s Hour site by Hawaii culinary blogger Ed Morita.

Chef Alan volunteered his own Saturday morning to help the Galimbas, and when the rest of his staff found out, they decided to join in too. Pineapple Room Chef Lance Kosaka arrived with his truck full of equipment and supplies, as many faces from Alan Wong Restaurant and Pineapple Room appeared to join the cooking. Chef Ed Kenney, a market regular came by smiling and commenting that the Alan Wong crew never does anything “small.” And it’s true, they brought the Kuahiwi Ranch Oahu Farmers Market debut to another level altogether.

A line long with both locals and visitors stretched past the booth, lasting till the last packet of ground beef was sold and the last burger was topped with onions and handed off.

One thing was clear at the moment the end of market horn blew: There is without a doubt, a huge demand for Kuahiwi beef on Oahu.

Mahalo to everyone who supported this effort.

What’s next?

Stay tuned. It’s going to be good.

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