Market details:

Saturdays: 8:00-11:30 a.m.
Waianae High School
85-251 Farrington Highway
Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii
(808) 697-3599

Market Farmers:

Waianae Farmers Market


Here’s the description of this farmers market on their website:

“Goal of the Waianae Farmers’ Market (WFM) is to increase the availability of healthy food products in the Waianae community.

The weekly market features organic produce, fish/seafood, organic butter, eggs, prepared foods, baked goods, and crafts from community vendors.

The WFM was the first farmers’ market on the island of Oahu to accept EBT/SNAP benefits (formerly called foodstamps).

The market also offers educational activities and food demonstrations geared toward living healthfully.

The WFM is funded in part by the CDC REACH US program, HECO, and the Hawaii Department of Agriculuture.

WFM is owned and operated by the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center.”

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