Market details:

Saturdays 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Kulamalu Town Center
55 Kiopaa Street
Pukalani/Kula, Maui, Hawaii

Market Farmers:

Upcountry Farmers Market


Upcountry Farmers Market lists over 60 vendors and at least 40 of them are local farmers!  Locally grown veggies, fruit, coffee, tea, eggs, plants, and more.

Here’s why they say you should come to their market:

Why shop at the Upcountry Farmers Market?

1) Maui has 17 different micoclimates with year-round growing capabilities making our island one of the most diverse growing centers of the world. Our fruits and veggies are very unique!
2) We are isolated and need to create a self-sustained environment for the needs of our community.
3) Our economy is 90% tourism based. We must diversify our economy for the health of our citizens.
4) Helps our local economy. We need selling venues which support the families of Maui. Many families need supplemental income and enjoy teaching their own children how to grow food.
5) Free Education for farmers and customers!
6) Farms preserve the open spaces on the island of Maui.
7) Preserves the culture of agriculture in Hawaii.
8) Supports Entreprenuership! This is a small business incubator and allows new businesses to be born and supported.
9) Helps Mother Earth! Less carbon footprint – thousands of miles fresher.
10) It is Fun! Come meet your friends at the market.
11) Better Nutrition and Taste!

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