Hawaii Food Map: MARKETS

Mililani Farmers’ Market

This farmers market is produced by Hawaii Farm Bureau, and so is committed to selling strictly 100% locally grown fruit and vegetables. You will not see apples here unless they0 [ read more ]

Upcountry Farmers Market

Upcountry Farmers Market lists over 60 vendors and at least 40 of them are local farmers!  Locally grown veggies, fruit, coffee, tea, eggs, plants, and more. Here's why they say0 [ read more ]

Volcano Farmers’ Market

Amazing farmers market in lush Volcano Village. Farmers from Volcano, Naahehu, Hilo bring their fresh veggies, fruit, herbs. Food artisans and chefs sourcing local ingredients.  Worth waking up early for.0 [ read more ]

Wahiawa Farmers’ Market

This is a year-round open air market featuring 100% local produce from farms located in Wahiawa and the North Shore. For a smaller market it has a wide range of0 [ read more ]

Waianae Farmers Market

Here's the description of this farmers market on their website: "Goal of the Waianae Farmers' Market (WFM) is to increase the availability of healthy food products in the Waianae community.0 [ read more ]

Waimea Homestead Farmers Market

Their website has great pics and this wonderful description: "Five Hawaiian homestead families with the help and guidance of UH Cooperative Extension agent, Andrew Kawabata, started the farmers market held0 [ read more ]

Waimea Mid-week Farmer’s Market

This farmers market is sponsored by the Paniolo Preservation Society and takes place every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Pukalani Stables at the corner Pukalani Road0 [ read more ]

Waimea Town Market

Here's a description of this market from their website: "The Waimea Town Market, held every Saturday in the Parker School yard, opened in September, 2008 with nine vendors. The Market0 [ read more ]

Waipa Farmers Market

Waipa Farmers Market is run by the Waipa Foundation in Hanalei on Kau‘ai. Here's a description from their website of their farmers market: "Waipa Farmers Market - Every Tuesday, 2pm0 [ read more ]