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Araimo (Japanese Taro, Dasheen)

Araimo is also known as Japanese Taro or Dasheen. It’s the corm of a dry-land variety of taro, coarse and hairy like other taro, but a lot smaller (usually 2-3 inches).

Like all taro, araimo can only be eaten well cooked.

Prepping and Eating Tips

– Always wash your araimo well before preparing.

– Boil skin on 5-10 minutes. Easier and faster to boil when they are at room temperature so if you can, let them sit out for a few hours before cooking.

– Once cooked, peel should come off easily and flesh should have a slippery feel, soft instead of firm.

– Araimo is often stewed in dishes or included in soups.

Selecting and Storing Tips Look for unblemished corms, free of too dried soft spots or mold.

Store in cool dry place for few days. Or to store longer put in bag in fridge, treat like potatoes.