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Long Squash (Opo squash, Gwa, Bau, Lauki)

Long Squash as it is known in Hawaii, came to the islands via the veggie and market gardens of Chinese and Filipino plantation workers. It an elongated (found in the market anywhere from 1-2 feet, fat and round, light green with a little stem on one end. It is the fruit of a vine plant that is often treated like a vegetable with it is in this young and green form. The young flesh is soft spongy white, with white seeds. Left to mature on vine, its skin grows hard and it eventually takes on all the characteristics of a gourd, hence its alias calabash. It is also known as long melon, opo squash, bau.

Cooked, it grows very soft and has the steroids for sale consistency of zucchini.

Prepping and Eating Tips

– Always wash your squash before preparing. Dry with a clean cloth.

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– If you are going to use the whole thing, cut in half lengthwise. Remove seeds. You can use a veggie peeler to remove the skin. It is pretty easy to cut in desired size pieces.

– If you are going to use just a section at a time, cut horizontally. Cover with plastic cling wrap (a rubber band helps too) the end of the part you are not going to be cooking with and store in the refrigerator. Remove seeds and peel skin, cut into desired pieces.

– Long squash will take on a translucent quality when it is thoroughly cooked.

– Long squash contains a lot of water and this may translate into your dish.

– Steam or add to soups, curries, stews.

Selecting and Storing Tips

Pick squash that is heavy, this indicates higher moisture and flesh. Mature squash will feel lighter as the energy is being used to develop the seeds and moisture evaporates.

Squash can be stored on the counter until ready to use steroids, but be aware that with each passing day your squash is slowly turning into a gourd!

Squash can also be stored in the refrigerator wrapped in plastic for up to a week.

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