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Soy Bean (Edamame)

Soy beans are a legume native to East Asia.  It grows on a bush plant in clusters, its light green beans form in a hairy pod.

Soy beans are high in protein, but must be cooked with a wet heat in order to make them edible.  Raw soybeans, including the immature green form are toxic to humans and animals.  In Asia they most often appear culinarily only after a fermentation process which lowers the high phytoestrogen content in the raw plant. So when you those bright green edamames in salads, they are already cooked.


 Prepping and Storing Tips

– Always wash your soybeans well before prepping.

– Soybeans are most often simply enjoyed boiled and sprinkled with sea salt.

– They can be boiled and shelled, then added to salads and dishes.

– Soybeans are also the main ingredients in making homemade miso and tofu.

Selecting and Storing Tips

Select fresh beans that are firm and unblemished.

Store in bag in refrigerator unwashed until ready to use, better to enjoy within a few days.  You can also boil, shell and freeze for longer storage.



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