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Snow Peas (pods and shoots)


Snow Pea is a legume, a variety of pea that can be eaten whole when it is unripe.  This variety of pea (along with Sugar Snap) lacks the fibrous lining in the pod of other field peas.

Snow Peas are bright green, thin and flat, its seeds are barely developed and not very visible through the soft skin of the pod.  The young, delicate tendril like sprouts of the Snow Pea is what is used culinarily as Pea Sprouts.

Raw, peas are high in fiber, vitamins C and A and iron.


Prepping and Eating Tips

– Always wash your snow peas well before eating or cooking.

– They can be eaten raw or cooked.  Before you do either, wash and grab the little stem at the end and pull out the tough strings in the outer seams of the of the pod.

– They are great raw in salads or in a crudite to be enjoyed with a dip.

– Snow peas can also be lightly steamed, thrown in stir fry, sautees, tossed into noodle or pasta dishes.  Avoid over cooking, as you want to keep that bright green beauty of the Snow Pea on your plate.

Selecting and Storing Tips

Select firm pods with high vibrant color.  Avoid brown spots or those with opening in pod.  Store in refrigerated in air tight container or bag, up to a week.  To freeze, blanch first by adding prepared peas to a pot of boiling water and cover for exactly two minutes, then draining in a colander, immersing in a bowl of iced water for two minutes.  Then drain and let dry on flat area with towel or paper towel or spin dry.  Once dried, put in air tight container and freeze.


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