Know of a farm who grows Rice Paddy Herb (Ngo Om, Roum Om, Phak Kayang, Finger Grass)? Let us know!


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Rice Paddy Herb (Ngo Om, Roum Om, Phak Kayang, Finger Grass)

Rice Paddy Herb is a flowering tropical plant native to Southeast Asia.  It traditionally flourishes in flooded rice paddies, hence its name.  It belongs to the plantain family.

It is known for a lemony and cumin-like aroma and flavor.


Prepping and Eating Tips

– Always wash your rice paddy herb well before using.

– It is added at the last minute to salads, soups and other dishes – always eaten raw to enjoy the addition of its distinct flavor to a dish.

– It is most famously used in the classic Vietnamese soup Canh Chua Ca, enhancing the tamarind broth packed with pineapple, okra and taro stems. Yum!


Selecting and Storing Tips

Choose bunches that are free of brown leaves.

Store wrapped in moist paper towel in refrigerator,


Note: We’re awaiting more info on the farms that are growing our island supply and will be posting listings shortly.  For now we can confirm a retailer that regularly keeps locally grown fresh harvested on hand – Nhung’s Market, this is a stall in Chinatown’s Oahu Market right off of King Street.

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