Know of a farm who grows Rau Ram (Vietnamese Coriander, Cambodian Mint, Phak Pheuw, Daun Kesom,Phak Phai)? Let us know!


We'll keep you posted!

Rau Ram (Vietnamese Coriander, Cambodian Mint, Phak Pheuw, Daun Kesom,Phak Phai)

Rau Ram is an herb whose leaves are used in Southeast Asian cuisines. It is not a mint, but part of the smartweed or pink weed family. It is a green segmented vine-line stem with small leaves whose tips are a reddish purple.

It grows well in Hawaii, cultivated on farms or grown in backyards or even apartment balcony containers. It can be found harvested and sold in bunches in Chinatown.

It is wonderfully aromatic and its flavor is thought by many to be slightly lemony, radish-like spicy with hints of cilantro. It is commonly used medicinally and and culinarily in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia. Though in Vietnam, pregnant women avoid eating rau ram.

It is an fragrant addition raw in Vietnamese salad recipes, topped or added to soup. Its flavor is reminiscent of coriander, celery, and bit of lemon.

Prepping and Eating Tips

– Pluck leaves from stem, rinse well and dry in spinner or paper towels.

– Then add to dishes.

Selecting and Storing Tips

Avoid bunches with brown or darkened leaves.

To store, prep as mentioned above and layer clean leaves between slightly damp paper towels and store in unsealed container or plastic bag in refrigerator for up to a few days. Soak wilted leaves in icy bath to liven them up.

Note: We’re awaiting more info on the farms that are growing our island supply and will be posting listings shortly. For now we can confirm a retailer that regularly keeps locally grown fresh harvested on hand – Nhung’s Market, this is a stall in Chinatown’s Oahu Market right off of King Street.

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