Hawaii Food Map: FOOD

Shishito Pepper

In Japan, this slender, gnarled, dark green, finger sized pepper is known as Shishitogarashi.  Around town it is known as just shishito. It is used culinarily as a flavorful but0 [ read more ]

Shiso (Hangul)

  Shiso is an herb plant that belongs to the Mint family.  Formerly known as Beefsteak Plant and sometimes known as Perilla Leaf (though perilla of the sesame family does0 [ read more ]

Snow Peas (pods and shoots)

  Snow Pea is a legume, a variety of pea that can be eaten whole when it is unripe.  This variety of pea (along with Sugar Snap) lacks the fibrous0 [ read more ]

Soy Bean (Edamame)

Soy beans are a legume native to East Asia.  It grows on a bush plant in clusters, its light green beans form in a hairy pod. Soy beans are high0 [ read more ]


Spinach is an edible flowering plant that is part of the Amaranthaceae family which includes beets and chard, as well as quinoa and amaranth (in seed form).  It is native0 [ read more ]


Also known as carambola, starfruit grows on trees.  It thrives in tropical and semi tropical areas.  It is yellow in color, has a shiny waxy skin and its name is0 [ read more ]


Strawberry is one of the most identifiable and popular fruits in the world, though it has only been domestically cultivated since 18th century in France from samples of the wild0 [ read more ]

Sugar Snap Pea

The Sugar Snap Pea is a legume, a variety of pea that can be eaten whole when it is unripe. This variety of pea (along with the Snow Pea) lacks0 [ read more ]

Sweet Potato (‘uala, kamote, kumara, satsuma imo)

Sweet potato is not a potato or a yam, it's the tuber of a plant that is part of the morning glory family. Its origins have been traced to the0 [ read more ]


Tangerine is a citrus fruit closely related to the mandarin orange. It's smaller than common orange, usually easier to peel and divide. Most varieties are thought to have a more0 [ read more ]