Hawaii Food Map: FOOD

Persimmon (Kaki, Kam, Hong Chee)

Though we think of persimmons as a fruit, they are actually edible berries. They grow on trees that are part of the Ebenacae family, known for ebony wood.  Persimmon were0 [ read more ]


  Pineapple is a plant that is part of the bromeliad family, indigenous to South America, whose origin is thought to be the region between southern Brazil and Paraguay.  The0 [ read more ]


What we know as the potato is the edible tuber of a plant that is part of the nightshade family.  There are thousands of different varieties that over the centuries0 [ read more ]


Pumpkin is part of the gourd-like squash family.  They are thought to have originated in North America and are grown for culinary and cultural use (traditionally carved at Halloween). Although0 [ read more ]


  So many plants we overlook today as weeds have been considered a food or even a medicine at one time or another. Purslane is one of them.  It's beautiful0 [ read more ]


Radish is an edible root vegetable, it is part of the large family that also include cabbages, turnips and mustards plants.  They vary in size, color, spiciness according to variety.0 [ read more ]

Rambutan (Laguan, Chom Chom)

Rambutan is a tree that belongs to the same family as lychee. It is thought to have originated in Indonesian archipelago, growing naturally in Thailand, Vietnam and Philppines, it is0 [ read more ]

Rau Ram (Vietnamese Coriander, Cambodian Mint, Phak Pheuw, Daun Kesom,Phak Phai)

Rau Ram is an herb whose leaves are used in Southeast Asian cuisines. It is not a mint, but part of the smartweed or pink weed family. It is a0 [ read more ]

Rice Paddy Herb (Ngo Om, Roum Om, Phak Kayang, Finger Grass)

Rice Paddy Herb is a flowering tropical plant native to Southeast Asia.  It traditionally flourishes in flooded rice paddies, hence its name.  It belongs to the plantain family. It is0 [ read more ]

Sea Asparagus

Sea Asparagus (also known as sea beans, pous pied, salicornia, glasswort) is a sea vegetable that grows naturally on coastlines and here in Hawaii in aquaculture salt water ponds. It0 [ read more ]