Hawaii Food Map: FOOD

Napa Cabbage (Won Bok, Chinese Cabbage, Celery Cabbage)

Napa Cabbage is also known as Won Bok, Chinese Cabbage and Celery Cabbage. It is of the cabbage family and is widely used in Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean cuisine0 [ read more ]


Often the first bite of many in the realm of edible flowers is the common nasturtiums (tropaeolum majus). Not only are its bright, vividly colored flowers (deep red orange, orange,0 [ read more ]

Okinawan Spinach (Gynura, Hung Tsoi, Suizenjigusa, Handama)

Okinawan Spinach is a vegetable that grows in sub-tropical climate. It can easily be grown in a pot or a container, as it is a fast growing dense, non-vining shrub.0 [ read more ]

Okra (bhindi, lady’s fingers)

  Okra is a flowering plant that is part of the mallow family that is grown for its edible green or red seed pods.  It is cultivated in warm temperate,0 [ read more ]

Ong Choy (Water Spinach, Kangkong, Rau Muong)

Ong Choy is a semiaquatic plant belonging to the sweet potato family that originated in South Asia. It is grown as a leafy vegetable. Its light green hollow stems can0 [ read more ]


The onion, also known as allium cepa, the common or round onion, bulb onion, is the most widely cultivated species of the Allium family (which also includes garlic, green onions,0 [ read more ]


  Oranges are one of the most cultivated tree fruit in the world. They belong to the citrus tree family, along with lemon, lime and grapefruit. The oranges we eat0 [ read more ]


  Papaya is a soft skinned fruit, a staple on breakfast tables in Hawaii for its nutritional value, softness and delicate sweetness.  Fruit is ripe when the green fades out0 [ read more ]


  Parsley is a highly nutritious herb with origins in the Mediterranean and southern Europe that was known for its medicinal properties before culinary use.  There are two varieties found0 [ read more ]

Passionfruit (Lilikoi)

[caption id="attachment_1495" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="Inside the Lilikoi"][/caption] Passionfruits are spreading vine plants that produce stunning, extraterrestrial-like flowers and flavorful fruit. Numerous varieties grow in gardens and run wild in Hawaii.0 [ read more ]