Hawaii Food Map: FOOD

Galangal (khaa, blue ginger, laos)

Galangal, a tropical plant in the ginger family, is used widely in Indian and Southeast Asian cuisines.   Though the leaves and young shoots are also edible, it is the0 [ read more ]

Garlic Chives (gau choi, buchu, nira, chinese chives)

Garlic chives are known for their strong garlic aroma and flavor, and some cooks turn to it as last minute emergency garlic substitute when that last clove of garlic you0 [ read more ]


What we know as ginger is the root of the plant officially known as Zingiber officinale.  For centuries it has been eaten as a delicacy, medicine and a spice.  Cultivation0 [ read more ]

Green Onion

Green onions are members of the allium family (garlic, shallots, leeks and onion), and are also known as Japanese Bunching Onion or Welsh Onion.  They have long green hollow stems,0 [ read more ]

Hakurei Turnip

This mini creamy white little globes look more like daikon or radish then turnip. You can find them in bunches in farmers markets with their long green tops on. They0 [ read more ]

Heart of Palm

Heart of Palm is the tender edible point at the growing tip of the Peach palm, a variety of palm plant originally from Central and South America.  The Peach palm0 [ read more ]

Jicama (Yambean, Chop Suey Yam, Singkama)

Native to Mexico, the vine-growing Jicama is a large, bulbous root with a thick brown skin and white flesh that is surprisingly refreshing with the texture and flavor of water-chestnut.0 [ read more ]

Kabocha (Japanese Pumpkin, Japanese Squash)

Kabocha is a family of Winter squash cultivated in Japan. There are over eight varieties of Kabocha cultivated over the centuries in Japan - varying in size, texture, color, growing0 [ read more ]


Over the last few years Kale has become the rockstar of the veggie world: high phytonutrient content (part of the dark leafy green brassica broccoli family), popular (can be grown0 [ read more ]

Kalo (Taro)

Though taro has been cultivated since the ancient time throughout the subtropical and tropical latitudinal band around the earth, nowhere else has it been as cherished and honored as in0 [ read more ]