Hawaii Food Map: FOOD


What we know as the coffee beans are the roasted seeds found in the small red cherry like fruit of the coffea plant.  The first recordings of coffee cultivation and0 [ read more ]


Collards are part of the very nutritious broccoli and cabbage families. It grows edible round, large, dark green leaves from a thick stalk. The leaves are thicker and larger than0 [ read more ]


What we know as corn is a large grain plant, known for its sweetness and starchy carbohydrate composition.  It has a long and illustrious origin as the revered staple plant0 [ read more ]


Though we think of it as a vegetable, cucumber is the refreshing fruit of a creeping vine.  It is part of the  gourd family that includes melons and squashes. It0 [ read more ]

Daikon (chai tow, lo bok,mooli, labanos)

Despite its Japanese name and reputation, Daikon was originally cultivated in continental Asia.  It is a very large (daikon literally means "large root") and white member the radish family.  All0 [ read more ]

Dill (Lao Coriander, Phak See, Phak Chee)

Dill is a perennial or annual herb (depending on variety) that is known for its wispy, fernlike leaves and flavorful tang. It is native to the regions of southern Russia0 [ read more ]

Dragon Fruit (pithaya, strawberry pear, papipi pua)

This otherworldly looking fruit is part of the cactus family. They are native to southern Mexico and Central America but are now cultivated heavily in Asia. Three different varieties are0 [ read more ]


The durian is native to Southeast Asia, where it is known as the "king of fruits" - for its large size (it can grow larger than a foot and up0 [ read more ]

Edible Fern Shoots (Ho‘i‘o, Warabi, Pako, Pohole)

Of the numerous varieties of ferns whose primeval beauty has graced this planet for millennia dapoxetine online, there are a few that are edible. A fern known as Fiddleneck can0 [ read more ]

Eggplant (aubergine)

Eggplant is native to Asia where it was first grew wild in India and was cultivated in China.  It is part of the nightshade family so related to tomato and0 [ read more ]