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Napa Cabbage (Won Bok, Chinese Cabbage, Celery Cabbage)

Napa Cabbage is also known as Won Bok, Chinese Cabbage and Celery Cabbage. It is of the cabbage family and is widely used in Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean cuisine (in Korea it is used to make the most common type of kim chee). Barrel shaped, with an elongated but chubby body, it is light in color, mostly white leaves but sometime a tinge of lighter green towards the top of the leaves. It grows tightly around a core, with bottom of the leaves flat while tips are puckered. It is delicate in flavor.

Prepping and Cooking Tips

– Always wash your cabbage well before preparing.

– Napa Cabbage can be sliced thin and eaten raw to make crunchy salads.

– Raw or lightly steamed, its leaves can be also used as a wrap.

– Its delicate texture and flavor makes a nice saute. It is also loved in soups and also braised.

– It is also widely used for pickling – prime ingredient for kim chee or tsukemono (Japanese pickles).

Selecting and Storing Tips Heads should feel heavy for its size. Look for firm and compact heads with unblemished leaves.

Whole head of Napa Cabbage can keep for a week or longer in the refrigerator when stored unwashed and sealed in plastic.