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Proclaimed “the Queen of tropical fruits” by British-born Malaysian writer Desmond Tate, the mangosteen is the size of a plum with a striking purple skin and fragrant, succulent white segmented flesh reminiscent of a tart lychee.   It is the size of a plum and the price is equivalent to its rarity – it takes 25 years for a mangosteen tree to start fruiting which may be why it can command up to $14 a pound.

With origins in Vietnam, Indonesia, and other Southeast Asia.  We are extremely fortunate that here in Hawaii a few hardcore farmers and nurseries are growing them.



Prepping and Eating Tip

– Always wash your mangosteen before eating.

– To open, make a shallow cut around the equator of the fruit, carefully avoiding cutting into the soft interior. Then twist open along the cut.

– It is mostly enjoyed as a delicacy, as is.


Selection and Storage Tip

Ripe fruit is a deep reddish, purple and should give a little to pressure on the shell.  A very hard shell indicates loss of moisture and age, or over-ripeness.

If your mangosteen makes to your kitchen it can be left at room temperature for several days, but it is best to wrap the fruit in a paper towel and place in a refrigerator in a partially closed or perforated plastic bag to slow down moisture loss.


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