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Though leeks are in the same family as onions and garlic, they are known for their mild and sweet flavor.  The glossy long white stem looking part that we love to eat is really a bundle of leaf sheafs whose early tender stage is elongated by a growing process known as “trenching” – farmers and gardeners mound the soil around the plant as it grows, this effect on the plant is known as light blanching – the green part of the leaves start growing only at the point where it can receive sun.

Leeks are a good source of vitamin A and like all onions are known for antioxidant powers.

Prepping and Eating Tips

– Always wash your leeks well before preparing.

– To prepare, cut off both the root base and the point where the dark green leafy part begins.  Then make a light vertical incision from top to bottom of your leek that allows you to free the core of the leek from the first two layers of outer skin.

– Leeks can be sliced thin and eaten raw in salads, their tastes is a bit milder than green onions.

– They are also very delicious when sliced vertically in half and roasted or grilled until soft and buttery.

– Sliced up diagonal and sauteed they make a nice addition to stir fry or pasta.

– They are most often used to flavor stocks and soups. Like with the famous Potato Leek soup.

– The green leaves of the leek are not usually eaten because of its tough texture, but they can be used to flavor stocks or even sliced up and sauteed like any green.

Selecting and Storing Tips

Look for leeks free of wilt and damage.

Store leeks in refrigerator, unwashed in sealed plastic bag up to a week.

Morsel of history

Though different types of leeks can be found growing and flavoring dishes around the world, the earliest wild variety probably originated in Middle East, Egypt in particular has a long recorded love affair with the leek where is it prized for both its culinary and medicinal attributes.  Leeks were a regular addition to the diet of thousands of builders working on the pyramids to improve strength and stamina.  In Rome, leeks were at one time used a form of currency.


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