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Green Onion

Green onions are members of the allium family (garlic, shallots, leeks and onion), and are also known as Japanese Bunching Onion or Welsh Onion.  They have long green hollow stems, with a white undeveloped bulb.  They are different species from chives and garlic chives.

The origins of the green onions we see being cultivated by farms in Hawaii most likely originated in Asia. Though onion family is found all over the world, the long bunching small bulb variety of Allium Fistulosum are the result of farmers in Asia specifically cultivating onion for its green leaves, vigor, flavor and easy or self propagating abilities.  European varieties of onion (the round Allium Cepa) were selecting and cultivated for bulb size.

Green onions have a high level of vitamins A and C, as well as calcium.  Eaten chopped and raw keeps nutrients intact.

Prepping and Storing Tips

– Always wash your green onions before preppng.

– Green onions are most commonly simply chopped and eaten raw – sprinkled on noodles dishes, soup, and other dishes.

– Often they are also very nice grilled or roasted, also simmered in dishes.

– Green onions can be preserved kim chee style.


Selecting and Storing Tips

Select bunches that are strong, upright, free of wilt or brown.  S

Store in refrigerator unwashed, in air tight bag or container.  Green onions can easily be stored in the freezer for up to six months, simply wash, dry, chop and bag.


Growing Tip:

Because of their shallow root systems, a small personal patch of green onions can do very well in a container that allows good drainage.  They can be grown from seed, but are very easily propogated by simply saving a 1-1.5 inch of the white bulb with roots. Stick them in a glass, water just covering roots, near a sunny window and change water regularly.  Or if you have a balcony garden or a backyard, just stick them in soil (container is fine, my grandma grew hers in an old metal wash tub), water well and let grow in a sunny area. Harvest as needed.





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