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Galangal (khaa, blue ginger, laos)

Galangal, a tropical plant in the ginger family, is used widely in Indian and Southeast Asian cuisines.   Though the leaves and young shoots are also edible, it is the root that is most often used in cooking.  The root looks like a chubby version of young ginger – creamy in color and sometimes a little pink, with a thin papery skin. Lucky for us it  thrives in tropical climates.  Also very lucky for us is the fact that we have a growing number of family-run farming operations with roots in Southeast Asia and experience in growing galangal.

Galangal in its raw form has a stronger taste than ginger, somewhat peppery. It is a key ingredient in many curry pastes and Thai soups.

Prepping & Eating Tips

– Always wash galangal well before using.  Peel off outer skin before using.

– Most recipes call for galangal to be crushed or cut into strips.  To crush cut into smaller pieces first as galangal is denser than ginger and not as easy to crush.

– Watch out, galangal juice can stain fingers and clothes

Selecting & Storing Tips

Unwashed and wrapped tightly it can also be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week.  To store longer, cut into smaller usable chunks, wrap tightly in airless sealable bag in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Historical Morsel

Believe it or not, galangal traveled the trade routes between China and Rome, making it into 9th century Arab writings on medicinals.  There is also evidence that galangal was used by Welsh physicians as early as 13th century.  It has a long history documenting abilities to prevent nausea, antibacterial properties and as a body deodorizer.

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