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Cauliflower is a vegetable of the Brassica Oleracea family that also includes broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, kale and collard greens.  There are hundreds of varieties of cauliflower ranging in size, shape and color (white, gold, green, purple) and the one we see most here in Hawaii and in the U.S. is the white large flower head – this is called a curd (round and more unified than the florets of a broccoli).

Hard to believe but cauliflower is being grown here commercially in small quantities and somewhat short seasons on farm plots located in higher elevations and cooler areas.

Cauliflower has a high nutritional density. It is high in vitamin C, folate, and contains beneficial phytochemicals common in the cabbage broccoli family.  It is low in fat and carbohydrates, high in dietary fiber.  Who knew?

Prepping & Eating Tips

– Always wash your cauliflower well before preparing

– Usually the large white curd is what is eaten and called for in recipes, so the outer leaves and thick stalks are removed.  However, if you are up for it, the leaves and stalks are edible too and can be cooked like you would broccoli leaves and stalks, are good in soup stocks.

– Cauliflower can be roasted, fried, stewed or eaten raw. Sautee or stir fry better preserves anticancer compounds than boiling or steaming.

– Easiest method is to cut the cauliflower into fourths.  Let it rest for 5 minutes before cooking to activate nutrients.  Saute in olive oil with garlic and a teaspoon of turmeric (add pinch of chile flakes too if you like heat) until nearly caramelized.  Add salt to taste.  Grate fresh parm if you are feeling it.

– The curd should be broken into similar-sized pieces so they are cooked evenly.

– If you are after a more gratin-like dish with the cauliflower, stirring while cooking can break the curd into smaller pieces.

– Cauliflower can be pickled like cabbage

Selecting & Storing Tips

Look for creamy white, clean and compact curd. Avoid curd with seperated clusters, spotted looking, or any with small flowers blooming.

Store unwashed cauliflower in a paper or plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to a week. The key is to prevent moisture from developing in the curd clusters, so best to store it with the stem side down.

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