Wailea Agricultural Group


Wailea Agricultural Group, Inc., operating on the Big Island of Hawaii since 1994, is the largest fresh Hawaiian Heart of Palm grower in America.

Heart of Palm: They supply  fresh Hawaiian Heart of Palm (the delicacy that is the tender, edible point at the growing tip of the peach palm) to some of the finest restaurants and hotels throughout the country. They also ship products internationally.

From their website – “We consider stewardship of the earth one of our primary responsibilities. Outside, we grow our crops using methods of sustainable agriculture; inside, we focus on providing top-notch customer service.”

Their fresh Hawaiian Heart of Palm is USDA-compliant. They are authorized to ship to the U.S. mainland without product requiring any treatment.

Tropical Fruit and Spices:  Wailea Ag also specializes in tropical fruit – varieties of avocado, lychee, citrus, and other rare fruit.  Spices as well – cinnamon, nutmeg, clove.


P. O. Box 69
Honomu, Hawai'i, Hawaii
(808) 963-6373