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Pupukea Gardens


Here’s a bit of info from their website:

“The Hawaii’s Special Company started on Pupukea Gardens farm on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Beginning with lettuce cultivation distributed to local customers, the operation expanded as commercial interest grew. The Hawaii’s Special Salad Dressing line is an expansion of the original farming operation. The farm currently supplies product to various restaurants on the islands and is developing larger commercial accounts on the islands as well as the mainland.

Pupukea Farms operates a “raised-table” farming process. Raised-table farming is a method of growing crops on an elevated table as opposed to in-ground. The benefits of this process are increased ease of farming. The height of the beds makes planting and harvesting more ergonomically correct, as caretakers are alleviated from bending far down to attend to the crop. Raising the crop off of ground level deters various pests from destroying the harvest. The added benefit of crop mobility arises out of the design of the beds, which are easily transferred to different locations by simply moving the tables and cinder block foundation.”

Their produce is available at farmers markets listed below, as well as the CSA Farm Fresh Aloha to whom they provide mixed greens, sprouts, arugula and spinach.


59-433 Kawowo Road
Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii