Otsuji Farm


Here’s a fabulous description of Farmer Ed and his farm that’s posted on their website:

“OTSUJI FARM was founded in 1954.  At the young age of 19 Kakuji Otsuji father of Edwin Otsuji came to Hawaii by himself on a boat from Kagoshima Japan with the hopes of building the American dream.  With no English skills and a burning desire for the good life, Kakuji made a living as a black smith.  Kakuji soon met his wife, Fumie and had 5 children, Richard,  Masa, and Edwin.  It was Fumie that had the vision to start Otsuji Farm.  With much persistence Fumie convinced Kakuji to take their life savings and begin farming in Hawaii Kai.  Not only did it provide well for their family, it was also the bread and butter for all of their children.  Edwin, the youngest of the three children now has taken over the responsibility of running the farm.   Edwin’s children Derek, Marcus, and Jonas have worked the land  from the time they were old enough to walk.  Jonas Otsuji, the youngest has plans to take over the farm when his father retires.”

Ed is a rockstar.  You’ll see him at the farmers markets surrounded by his fans.

Besides the farmers markets, they create an open market off their farm. every Friday 3:30-5:30pm and Saturday 8:00-11:00am


459 Pakala Street
Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
(808) 368-1135