Nalo Farms


Here’s a description on their website:

“Nalo Farms, birthed from the original family farm founded by decorated World War II combat veteran, Charles Okimoto, has prevailed through the years by the sheer persistence which is certainly an Okimoto family trait. The farm began with crops of guava and papaya which gave way to daikon and green onion. The farm primarily grew herbs until an entire crop of basil was wiped out by disease in 1990. By then, Dean Okimoto had taken over and the loss was severe enough to cause him to consider giving up farming. That is until chef Roy Yamaguchi made the suggestion that Dean grow some baby greens for his flagship restaurant which had opened in 1988. That meeting has forever changed the future of Nalo Farms. Today, Nalo Farms supplies approximately 130 restaurants with over 3,000 pounds of their tasty greens each and every week. Nalo Farms takes great pride in growing its greens, fresh herbs and micro-greens.”

In addition to the list below, Nalo grows specialized items from time to time such as: corn silk, baby eggplant, pea sprouts.


41-574 Makakalo Street
Waimanalo, Oahu, HI
(808) 259-7698