Frankie’s Nursery


Who knew that a nursery in Waimanalo would end up becoming the rare tropical fruit and spice grower for chefs on Oahu? Here’s a description of Frankie’s as posted on their website:

“Frankie’s Nursery presents our customers with a totally new experience from the retail garden shop when it comes to purchasing fruit trees for their garden. You get quality fruit trees direct from the fruit tree specialists. We offer consultation and a worldwide selection of the best tropical fruit tree cultivar. We travel bi-annually to tropical countries seeking to introduce the finest promising cultivars available. Introduced trees are grown on our farm and propagated for release to the public only after they exhibit their merit here in Hawaii. Discover the versatility and ornamental values that fruit trees can provide in landscaping your home. We also offer a good quantity of useful plants and exotic ornamental flowering trees. Mature tree specimens available for viewing in our beautifully landscaped garden with fruits available for sampling during season. At Frankie’s Nursery we keep striving to provide you with the best cultivars available.”


41-999 Mahiku Pl
Waimanalo, Oahu, HI
(808) 259-8737