Watercress is one of the first leafy green vegetables to find its way into the human diet. It’s nutritional value is cited in ancient texts in both Europe and Asia. It is botanically related to radish and mustard, unsurprising due to its peppery taste. At least 90% of the watercress found in Hawaii markets is [ read more ]

Edible Fern Shoots (Ho‘i‘o, Warabi, Pako, Pohole)

Of the numerous varieties of ferns whose primeval beauty has graced this planet for millennia dapoxetine online, there are a few that are edible. A fern known as Fiddleneck can be found growing in moist temperate and tropical forests all over. Varieties are found in the forests of northern and eastern continental U.S. buy steroids [ read more ]

Ong Choy (Water Spinach, Kangkong, Rau Muong)

Ong Choy is a semiaquatic plant belonging to the sweet potato family that originated in South Asia. It is grown as a leafy vegetable. Its light green hollow stems can grow up to several meters, its dark green leaves are arrow shaped. Like spinach, ong choy is rich in vitamins A and C, iron, calcium [ read more ]


The tea we brew, whether in bags or loose leaf, is actually the cured leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. Originating in East Asia, it can be grown in tropical and sub-tropical climates. The plant can grow into a tree, but is often kept at hedge height for easier tending and harvesting. It takes [ read more ]


Tatsoi is an Asian green belonging to the brassica family (broccoli, kale, Brussel Sprouts, collards). It is often found in farmers’ markets and green grocers, just harvested in hand-sized bouquets of several heads. Very dark green spoon shaped leaves, grow outward from the succulent stem in attractive rosettes – you’ll see why it is also [ read more ]

Kalo (Taro)

Though taro has been cultivated since the ancient time throughout the subtropical and tropical latitudinal band around the earth, nowhere else has it been as cherished and honored as in the Hawaiian Islands. Kalo, as it is known here, is sacred. The creation chant, Kumulipo, states that when the body of Haloanaka, the first-born son [ read more ]

Sweet Potato (‘uala, kamote, kumara, satsuma imo)

Sweet potato is not a potato or a yam, it’s the tuber of a plant that is part of the morning glory family. Its origins have been traced to the Americas and Polynesia, and throughout the centuries it has made its way across continents and oceans, many a time coming to the rescue in times [ read more ]


Spinach is an edible flowering plant that is part of the Amaranthaceae family which includes beets and chard, as well as quinoa and amaranth (in seed form).  It is native to central and southwestern Asia and has been cultivated widely within temperate and tropical regions. It is known for its dark green, rosette crinkled soft [ read more ]

Long Squash (Opo squash, Gwa, Bau, Lauki)

Long Squash as it is known in Hawaii, came to the islands via the veggie and market gardens of Chinese and Filipino plantation workers. It an elongated (found in the market anywhere from 1-2 feet, fat and round, light green with a little stem on one end. It is the fruit of a vine plant [ read more ]

Sea Asparagus

Sea Asparagus (also known as sea beans, pous pied, salicornia, glasswort) is a sea vegetable that grows naturally on coastlines and here in Hawaii in aquaculture salt water ponds. It is bright green and succulent, growing in a branching manner that lends an interesting look (and taste) to any dish. It has an unexpected juicy [ read more ]