Dill (Lao Coriander, Phak See, Phak Chee)

Dill is a perennial or annual herb (depending on variety) that is known for its wispy, fernlike leaves and flavorful tang. It is native to the regions of southern Russia and the Mediterranean, and is now widely cultivated in Asia and West Africa. It is known as an aromatic herb whose seeds and leaves are [ read more ]

Cilantro (Fresh Coriander, Chinese Parsley)

Cilantro is an herb native to regions in Southwestern Asia, East Mediterranean, and North Africa.  Its leaves, stems and seeds (known as coriander) are mainly eaten.  Cilantro roots (known as rak pakk chee) is one of the basic components of a lot of Thai dishes, fresh roots are ground into spice pastes. Cilantro has a [ read more ]


Celery is part of the Apiaceae family of aromatic and hollow stemmed plants that also includes parsley, carrots, dill, cilantro, parsip and anise.  In most recipes only the long, ribbed, crispy leaf stem (some of us call it a stalk!) of the celery is used.  Celery seeds are often harvested and dried for use as [ read more ]

Basil (including Thai Basil, Lemon Basil and Tulsi)

Basil is an herb that is now being widely cultivated for both its culinary and medicinal uses.  The origin of basil is thought to be in India.  Over the centuries (some say 5,000 years) it has made its way across continents and taken deep roots in kitchens and apothecaries around the world but particularly in [ read more ]