Pineapple is a plant that is part of the bromeliad family, indigenous to South America, whose origin is thought to be the region between southern Brazil and Paraguay.  The large sweet, edible fruit of this plant is actually created by individual fruits of individual flowers of one plant that join together.  The name pineapple [ read more ]

Persimmon (Kaki, Kam, Hong Chee)

Though we think of persimmons as a fruit, they are actually edible berries. They grow on trees that are part of the Ebenacae family, known for ebony wood.  Persimmon were originally found in China and Japan, were there cultivated for centuries, then spread to Europe, Mid East and North America.  There are over 100 varieties [ read more ]


  Oranges are one of the most cultivated tree fruit in the world. They belong to the citrus tree family, along with lemon, lime and grapefruit. The oranges we eat are from the sweet orange (citrus sinensis) trees as opposed to the bitter orange trees (citrus aurentium).  Sweet oranges are the result of a hybrid [ read more ]


Proclaimed “the Queen of tropical fruits” by British-born Malaysian writer Desmond Tate, the mangosteen is the size of a plum with a striking purple skin and fragrant, succulent white segmented flesh reminiscent of a tart lychee.   It is the size of a plum and the price is equivalent to its rarity – it takes 25 [ read more ]


Mangos are widely grown as a backyard tree in almost every area of Hawaii. It grows on generous trees, large and shady, that can continue to fruit for decades. It is thought the first varieties of mango plants were brought to Hawaii around 1824 from India and the Philippines. Here in Hawaii we may not [ read more ]


This luscious, pearl of a fruit usually starts ripening on trees in Hawaii’s backyards and farms as summer comes around (usually May through August). Lychee season casts a glow of sweet glee over the islands. The tree itself is beautiful as well, of the evergreen tree family, and can reach extraordinary heights. The fruit grows [ read more ]

Loquat (Biwa, Pipa, Luh Kwat)

Loquat is an small, oval, pale yellow to apricot-orange fruit that grows on an evergreen tree that also bears dark green, dramatically beautiful leaves.  The fruit is prized for its delicate flavor, sweet with an accompanying tartness.  Extract from the leaves have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to help the lungs, walk [ read more ]


A round citrus fruit with a leathery skin yellow to green in color, segmented like a lemon or orange, aromatic and acidic in flavor.  They grow on thorny bushes.  Varieties grown in Hawaii are Mexican, Key, Kaffir and Tahitian (also known as Bearss Lime). Kaffir lime is mostly grown for its strong an fragrant leaves [ read more ]

Passionfruit (Lilikoi)

Passionfruits are spreading vine plants that produce stunning, extraterrestrial-like flowers and flavorful fruit. Numerous varieties grow in gardens and run wild in Hawaii. Yellow Passionfruit’ is the most common of the passionfruits in Hawaii and this is what is commonly known as lilikoi. The more rare purple passionfruit is a sweeter eating variety. ‘ Jamaican [ read more ]


Lemons are such a part of our lives – we eat it, drink it, cure our colds with it, care for our skin with it, clean with it, freshen the air we breathe with its fragrance.  It is one of major sources of vitamin C.  They grow on small evergreen trees.   The juice [ read more ]