The durian is native to Southeast Asia, where it is known as the “king of fruits” – for its large size (it can grow larger than a foot and up to 8 lbs.s), strong aroma, and its fierce thorned armored like husk. It’s somewhat famous that that strong aroma.  It is so famous that it [ read more ]

Yuzu (Yuja, Youzi)

Yuzu is the fruit of a citrus plant originating in East Asia. It grows as a small shrub or tree. The fruit is small and round, its peel is green or yellow, depending on ripeness. It’s known for its aromatic tartness. Rarely eaten as a fruit, its juice and rind is what is most often [ read more ]


Watermelon is the fruit of vine plant that is a member of the gourd family (it is not part of the melon family). Though watermelons are thought to be green of rind and red of fruit, there are a huge variety of watermelons being grown, heirlooms included.  Besides the traditional green and red ten-pounders, varieties [ read more ]


Vanilla is second only to saffron as the costliest spice. This is due to the labor intensity of growing and pollinating these plants. What is used in cooking is the long thin brown seed pod and the thousands of little black seeds the pod contains. There are only a few growers of vanilla in Hawaii, [ read more ]

Breadfruit (‘Ulu)

A tropical fruit, ‘ulu has a long and illustrious history in the cuisine of the Pacific islands where it flourishes. This is a special fruit here in Hawaii as well. The world’s largest collection of living breadfruit trees exists in Kahanu Gardens in Hana, Maui. Efforts have been underway to support more breadfruit growing. It [ read more ]


Tomatoes are the fruit of a vine plant that is often grown as a vegetable. Tomatoes cultivation has spread to all parts of the world and as a result, a huge number of varieties now exist. Several categories of tomatoes are being grown in Hawaii: Beefsteak – this is a large round  variety known for [ read more ]


Tangerine is a citrus fruit closely related to the mandarin orange. It’s smaller than common orange, usually easier to peel and divide. Most varieties are thought to have a more intense flavor than an orange – sweeter, sometimes soursweet. Tangerines are a good source of vitamin C, beta-carotene and folate. Tangerines do well in warm, [ read more ]


Strawberry is one of the most identifiable and popular fruits in the world, though it has only been domestically cultivated since 18th century in France from samples of the wild strawberries of Chile and Peru. Wild strawberry was regarded for its medicinal properties in texts of ancient Roman literature. Now, as a domesticated crop, strawberries [ read more ]


Also known as carambola, starfruit grows on trees.  It thrives in tropical and semi tropical areas.  It is yellow in color, has a shiny waxy skin and its name is due to its 5 longitudinal ridges that when cut in cross sections result in a pretty star shape. All of the fruit is edible, including [ read more ]

Rambutan (Laguan, Chom Chom)

Rambutan is a tree that belongs to the same family as lychee. It is thought to have originated in Indonesian archipelago, growing naturally in Thailand, Vietnam and Philppines, it is also now being cultivated in Hawaii. It is small and round, and is shocking in appearance: numerous hairy tendrils cover its little body and the [ read more ]