What Does Truth Taste Like

These might sound like terribly pompous questions to ask. But they are worth asking as we learn, un-learn, re-learn the question: “What is food?”

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Hawai‘i Food Map: Farmers & Chefs Huli Hui

The No Waste Project, known as the Huli Hui aims to connect chefs and food manufacturers with farmers who have surplus and off-grade produce that needs to be sold quickly.

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Hawaiʻi Food Map

What’s the Hawai‘i Food Map? It’s an everyday, anybody’s guide to what’s being grown here, where to get it and of course, how to prepare and store it.

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Wahiawa Farmers’ Market + EBT

When the whistle blows at exactly 4:30 p.m. tonight this little market will begin accepting EBT (electronic benefit transfer for SNAP fka food stamps).

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Next on She grows food: Jackie Akuna

Jackie Akuna and Leilehua High School’s Agricultural Learning Center Students

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